DVD2oneX2 is a DVD ripper and burner for Mac OS X.
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DVD2oneX2 is a DVD ripper and burner for the Mac. There is a windows version available that is called DVD2one. The missing "X" represents the "X" from Mac OS X. The app allows you to create copies of your DVD movies and save them to your disk or burn them to a blank DVD5.

DVD2oneX2 is an incredibly light app. The installer is under 1 megabyte. There are three main modes. The first one allows you to make a full copy of your movie, which will include everything (menus, titles, angles, etc.). The second one will make a copy of only the main movie file, and it will discard everything else. The third mode allows you to create an Audio DVD from audio files on your hard drive.

I started testing the first mode and half-way through the process I got an error message saying that I had to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to my hard drive to use the full-disc copy mode. That is just a dumb error. A warning before I started the process would have been nice. After I did that, I was able to get it to work.

DVD2oneX2 is $54.40, which is a bit expensive for an app that does the same as other free apps out there. As I always say, give it a try before you purchase to see if it works for you.

José Fernández
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  • A dumb error
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