Dungeon of the Damned

Dungeon of the Damned 1.0

If you are an old-school style adventure game lover, you can't miss this -...

Dungeon of the Damned is an old-school dungeon crawler and classic point & click adventure game combined.
Legend tells of a place...
Carved into the rock, deep below the mountains...
Where men are sent to die.
You awake to find yourself imprisoned within the legendary 'Dungeon of the Damned'.
How did you get here? Why have you been sent here? Who is your captor?
To answer these questions and make your escape you will need to uncover the dungeon's secrets, solve its many puzzles and survive battle with the dungeon's homicidal inhabitants!
Can you escape from the 'Dungeon of the Damned'?
- Classic point & click adventure gameplay.
- Explorable grid-based 3D dungeon.
- Rendered 3D graphics bring the dungeon to life.
- A variety of puzzle types to solve, including:
- Objects to collect and use,
- Levers and secret passages to find,
- Switches, pressure pads and portals!
- Enemies to battle.
- Atmospheric sound design and effects.
- A rich and immersive storyline.
- Save your game at any point.

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