Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Tiles 0.25

Free RPG where you need to explore dungeons and face dangers.
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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup – Tiles is a rogue-like game, in which you have to crawl through dungeons to fulfill your mission. Although the story and background may change, it is generally about taking revenge from some evil creature. In your way to success, you will need to find your way through the maze-like dungeons, fight monsters, collect treasures and improve your skills.

It may feel somewhat complex if it is the first time you play this kind of game. Besides, there are many things you need to be attentive to. So, good news is that there are five tutorial lessons to get you started on the game mechanics and spirit. In addition, there is an active community of developers and supporters who even maintain a wiki about the secrets of the game.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup – Tiles is quite challenging, so much so that it becomes difficult to survive the many traps and enemies. Unfortunately, you have to restart the level if you die as it does not save your progress in the level. In this respect, an important decision you have to make is related to picking the right species from a total of 26, since each of them has unique traits, including religion, magic powers and special skills.

Definitely, there was no intention of creating great graphics, which are kept very basic, almost sprite-like. However, this lack is compensated with the game being extremely complicated and well-thought under the hood. In this respect, you can notice that special attention has been given to even very small details. more

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  • Demands intelligent decisions
  • Challenging
  • Multiple scenarios and species
  • Tutorial lessons to get you started
  • Attention to every detail


  • May get boring at times
  • Not great graphics


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