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Meant to be a helpful Utility to quickly open explicit Application...
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Drop Circles is meant to be a helpful Utility to quickly open explicit Application, either as an Application Launcher or as arg & Drop Destination.
You can imagine it as an “Open with…” Extension.
You can setup up to 8 customisable Circles to perform this Actions:
- Open with … (Or use it as an Application launcher)
- Move this Item to… (can be used as short-cut to the Location)
- Copy Item to… (can be used as short-cut to the Location)
- Act as a Browser Picker (read Details further below)
Additionally you have 4 more circles that are Utilities: (read more about them further below)

Simply configure your Circles to either launch an Application by clicking on it or drop any valid Item onto it to open it with this Application e.g.:
Drag an Image to open it with this Application or drop a Link to open it with this Browser.
Or if you set a Circle as a Copy / Move Action, you can simply click it once to get right to the destination without the need of browsing your Hard-drive the usual way.
Drop Circles waits for your Action to activate it by touching the Display left or right Edge to appear. You can eben customise the Activator with Themes, rearrange the Circle Order, toggle between Circle Sets by Tab or Modifier Keys or just with your Scroll Wheel.
And there is the Center Drop Area:
The Center Drop Area can be used to drop anything into it for later reuse, e.g. drop a Text Snippet from a Website you are reading right now to reuse it later anywhere else, or drag an Image from a Website to use it later, and while Drop Circles works flawlessly in Full Screen Applications, you can even use the Center Drop for Drag & Drop actions across multiple Fullscreen Applications.
And with some of the Utilities you can get e.g. a live Internet Traffic Indicator right on your desktop to see whenever you are downloading or uploading something and haw fast it is. The same goes to CPU or RAM Usage Meters.
Make Drop Circles your default Browser to be able to pick a specific Browser on demand, simply hold down the OPTION Key while clicking a Link and you are good to go and choose a default Browser Drop Circles shall use when you do not request a Picker to speed things up…

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