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Ratrod Studio Inc.

Drift Mania Championship is a great racing game for the Mac. It is not a simulation game; not at all. Just the opposite, it is an arcade game in which you drive a car, and your goal is to get drift points. You get these by performing different types of drifts in a closed race track. A drift is when your car slides or drifts in a turn. You will see that cars with a rear transmission will drift more because the power is in the rear axle. There are eleven different cars that you can unlock by completing races and scoring points. The cars differ in their horsepower, torque and traction.

This game, unlike other games in which you can also drift, is designed so that your car drifts easily. It is actually hard to take a turn without drifting. There are different types of drift, all of them are explained in the little tutorial that you can access in the practice mode. I found that the easiest way of drifting and getting points easily is to hold the hand-brake almost all the time and adjusting with the throttle and left and right arrow keys (turning). You can get multipliers by making drift combos and you get deducted points if you hit a wall, finish facing the wrong way or go outside the track.

Drift Mania Championship is a very fun game, with unlockable content and nice graphics. For only $2.99 you'll get a thrilling game.

José Fernández
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