Dramatic Black & White

Dramatic Black & White 2.6

Transform your photos by applying this app's visual effects.

Dramatic Black & White is an image tool specialized in transforming colorful images into black and white works of art. The program lets you choose between multiple output profiles, allows you to crop your images if necessary, and enables you to compare the original photos with the originals.

You can drag-and-drop the images you wish to alter or use the import option from the main menu of the application. Afterwards, all you need to do is to select one of the listed output profiles and configure the settings according to your needs.

This application comes with several limitations. For example, you cannot import GIF, SVG or BMP files.

Another negative aspect is the fact that you cannot save the altered images to your local folders. So, you cannot be sure which output formats are supported or not.

In my opinion, you should try a different image editing utility. There are plenty of other photo altering tools that provide you with more visual effects and advanced output settings, work with additional image formats, and are cheaper than Dramatic Black & White.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Helps you crop pictures
  • Provides you with multiple output profiles and settings
  • Lets you compare the original image with the final result


  • Supports a limited amount of input formats
  • Unable to export any files while using the trial version of the app
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