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Free Monitors browser downloads and executes given actions.
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DownloadMonitor has a self-explicable name, as what this app does is to monitor downloads being performed by your browsers. The tool has a simple interface, and there is practically nothing to do, except setting the actions triggered by certain events related to your downloads. The tool is compatible with Safari and Firefox, and you can tell it which of them to monitor.

The app supports watching for various events to occur, including concluded and inactive downloads as well as transfer speeds below a given value. The actions, in turn, allow you to show notifications, shut the system down, set the computer to sleep or start the desired app. Thus, we can create combinations of events and actions, for example, shutting down when the download is finished. In addition, it is good to hear that the tool supports creating more complex combinations by using AppleScript and Automator.

All in all, you should bear in mind that this product is not a download manager, so everything it does is to monitor what your browsers are downloading. Thus, it comes in particularly handy if you do not want to use an external downloader and prefer to use the built-in feature in Safari and Firefox. Finally, it is good news that DownloadMonitor is free to use.

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  • Supports creating combinations of events and actions
  • Automate downloading processes
  • Supports AppleScript and Automator


  • Supports Safari and Firefox only
  • Cannot actually download files



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