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DoodleGeddon is a great missile defense game for the Mac.
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DoodleGeddon is a great missile defense game for the Mac. Doodle games have become increasingly popular these last couple of years, and now we have the Doodle Armageddon, or DoodleGeddon. Your objective is to defend Earth and the Moon against 30 waves of asteroids. You have various tools at your disposal to complete your objective. The main weapon you will be using is your missile silo. You can add ten silos in total. Each one of those will be able to shoot one missile at a time, and they have a reloading time. So you have to be careful not to shoot unless it is necessary. You can't choose from what silo you want to shoot if you have multiple silos installed. You get points for shooting down asteroids, and you can buy new weapons and upgrade your silos with those points. Every couple of waves, you will have a challenge, in which you have to shoot a number of asteroids before they leave the screen. This is great for collecting extra points.

As you progress through the game, wave after wave, the asteroids will become bigger, and when you shoot them, they will break down into smaller asteroids, which you also have to shoot. After wave 10 or so, the game picks up quite a fast pace. Thankfully, weapons like laser beams and nuclear bombs help you out. You also get a planetary shield that you can use to protect yourself while shooting. You lose when your population number reaches 0.

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