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DomusTerra is a new low-cost program for architectural land modeling.
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DomusTerra is a new low-cost program for architectural land modeling. DomusTerra springs from Interstudio's vast experience in the land modeling and representation sector, begun in 1988 with the first release of Nonio C. DomusTerra has all the characteristics of its big brother Nonio C - interactive modeling, walkthroughs in real time, supports textures, supports plug-in renderers - with some limitations regarding direct plotting, modeling and allowable number of points. While Nonio C is best suited for more elaborate surveys and for modeling large tracts of land, DomusTerra can be used for smaller projects and architectural landscaping. A land model created with DomusTerra can be exported to an architectural program, such as Interstudio's own Domus.Cad or Graphisofts ArchiCad, where it may be viewed and elaborated along with the architectural model. The reverse operation may also be performed: an architectural model may be imported to DomusTerra (in QD3D MetaFile format) where it can be placed directly on the modeled landscape.
- New interactive modeling function, using mouse to move selected points vertically or horizontally. All windows, contours, colors, sections and 3D views are updated real time.
- Breaklines introduced by mouse intervene immediately on terrain, canceling old triangles and adding new ones.
- Multiple undo/redo - up to ten stages back.
- Universal Binaries. The Macintosh version is Universal Binaries, optimizing new processors.
- 3D palette window for View and Save functions.
- New rendering motors (OpenGl, Cartoon and Hidden Line) plus improved RayShade.
- Drag and Drop for all images and textures recognized by QuickTime.
- Imports/exports 3DS format, in addition to DXF, 3DMF, GDL, XYZ, etc.

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