DMesh 2.5

DMesh helps you transform your favorite pictures into amazing artworks.
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DMesh is an image editor that provides you with a creative way to transform your favorite pictures into amazing artworks. This triangulation photo generator analyzes the input images, adds mesh points, and offers you almost instantly stunning results for you to share with your friends.

The developer kept things simple when it came to designing its interface, so that any user can be able to handle it. You can easily make background color adjustments, set the mesh opacity level, enable/hide mesh points, and much more. You can compare the original picture with the output or display the resulted image in fullscreen mode for clearer view of your work.

After you finish configuring the output settings for the input image, you can export the result to various image formats, such as PDF, PNG or OBJ.

Only two flaws caught my attention while working with DMesh: it shuts down when clicking its menu bar icon and the fact that it lacks a zoom in/out tool (is a drawback when manipulating larger images).

Briefly, if you're looking for new ways to metamorphose your pictures, you should consider trying DMesh. The impressive, high-quality output make this program a great choice for editing photos.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports various image formats
  • Provides you with high-quality results


  • Shuts down when clicking its menu bar icon
  • Lacks a zoom in/out tool
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