Dive Log DT

Dive Log DT 4.5

Companion application to Dive Log for iOS.

Dive Log DT is a companion application to Dive Log for iOS. Dive Log DT is a MacOS desktop application that allows you to edit and manage your digital scuba diving log book. It is an extended version of the free "Dive Log Manager" application that adds direct editing capabilities and the ability to download a select number of dive computers. Currently we support downloading select Atomic, ScubaPro/UWatec, and Suunto dive computers shown below.
Atomic :: Cobalt
ScubaPro/UWatec IrDA based dive computers :: Galileo Sol, Galileo Luna, Galileo Terra, Aladin 2G, Aladin One, Aladin Prime, Aladin Tec, Aladin Tec 2G, SmartCom, SmartPro, Smart Z, and Smart Tec (REQUIRES: ScubaPro USB IrDA Adaptor - see website for more information)
Suunto :: Cobra, Cobra2, Cobra3, D3, D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9, D9tx, Gekko, HelO2, Mosquito, Vyper, Vyper2, VyperAir, Vytec (REQUIRES: Suunto download cable - see website for more information and possible other options)
If we don't support downloading your dive computer, you can import dive computer profiles and other dive information from several other logbook formats, and sync your logbook to your mobile device using Dive Log for iOS. (See website for supported 3rd party applications and file formats)
Dive Log DT works in both metric and imperial, shows statistics about your diving history, keeps track of all your scuba equipment, shows buddy and personal information, and dive site details. View all your Dive Site Locations on a world map if GPS locations have been entered. Keep details about your dive trips and the shops that you dive with. Categorize each of your dives by any "type" of your choice. Know how many dives you've done with each piece of Equipment and when it should be serviced. Remember which pieces of your photography equipment you used for each dive too!
If you don't want to take your desktop computer with you on a dive trip, then just take your mobile device with you on the boat and log all your dives using Dive Log for iOS. Use it to add your site GPS information, take location photos and save your weight and tank information etc, and enter buddy details right away. Have your buddy "sign" your logbook right then and there on your device! Then when you get home, use Dive Log DT to *merge* your dive computer information into what you have already logged! Then sync your logbook back to your iOS device.

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