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Disk Cleaner Suite 2.3

Disk Cleaner Suite offers an all-in-one cleaning solution for your Mac.
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Disk Cleaner Suite is an application that gathers multiple system optimization tools into one suite. Therefore, the program cleans your computer of junk files, removes adware and spyware, identifies duplicate files, uninstalls apps, and removes files and folders thoroughly to make them unrecoverable.

The application opens with a clear-cut and easy-to-mange interface that displays the provided functions on the left-hand side of the window. Therefore, the Disk Cleaner module helps you regain valuable free space by cleaning up the junk files. At the end of the scan operation, the tool showcases the results by file category, so you can remove selectively the types of files you no longer need.

The Duplicate File Cleaner mode is quite comprehensive, giving you the proper means to find and remove the duplicate files that clutter your computer space for no reason. You have the ability to set rules, so that the scan process takes a shorter amount of time. Therefore, you can select a minimum file size to be taken in account when searching for duplicates and define specific file extensions to be ignored in the scan.

Once the search is over, you are able to sort and filter the results, preview the selected files, and enable the auto-select mode to remove the items that appear to be duplicates based on the modification date. Obviously, you can also select manually the files you wish to delete.

With the Adware cleaner function, you have the chance to clean all adware and spyware programs securely, remove the browser's add-ons and extensions, and block any annoying pop-up window. The suite also includes a handy feature that helps you uninstall completely the obsolete apps, including all leftovers and the associated files, in order to reclaim computer space.

Finally, the File Shredder section offers to remove unwanted files and folders permanently, with less chances of being recovered than when moving items to Trash and emptying it. The tool comes with three secure levels of file and folder deletion that range from quick to a more thorough removing operation.

Disk Cleaner Suite offers a series of system cleaning and optimization tools to improve your computer performance. Yet, I dare to say that a RAM cleaning feature would have made the application complete.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Comprehensive duplicate identification options
  • Three secure levels of file and folder deletion in the File Shredder section
  • Uninstalls apps completely, including leftovers
  • Protects against adware and spyware programs


  • No RAM cleaning feature
  • No auto-cleaning of junk files at scheduled intervals or when a threshold is exceeded
  • Can't stop the scan for junk files if accidentally enabled
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