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A film discovery application that suggests movies similar to one you select.
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Discovr Movies is a film discovery application that suggests movies similar to one you select. It presents these suggestions as a dynamic web of nodes; clicking on a node expands the suggestions specific to it. Double-clicking on a node brings up a 4-column profile of the film, which includes the poster, a synopsis, the actors (with mugshots if available), Rotten Tomatoes® reviews and overall score, links to the film on a number of related websites, and other basic information: genre, rating, release year, and runtime. There is also a banner of trailers at the top of the screen, each of which link to a separate YouTube page (opens in your default browser window, as do the other links).

While not nearly as powerful as Netflix's suggestion system, which takes the user's ratings of multiple movies into account rather than just the preference for a single movie, Discovr Movies can provide ideas if you're stumped for your next movie night. There is a favorites feature which can be used to catalog good starting points, in addition to a selection of films in cinemas, developer picks, and a search function for your choice of film.

Sam's Protip: Rather a lot of films have very few or no related films in the database. However, it seems that this may be a fault in the data source, Rovi Corporation, rather than this app's developers.

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  • Web of recommendations is visually appealing
  • Gathers essential movie information into one place


  • Many films have very few or no recommendations
  • Videos not playable within program



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