DisApPeAr 1.0

DisApPeAr is a simple program for hiding files....
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Bryan Goldstein

DisApPeAr was originally the first program I wrote, It's purpose was also originally to see if I could write a program. I recently opened it and said to my self this could really be remade into something good. So, I opened up Xcode and started from square one. The result is modern day Cocoa version of DisApPeAr. This program allows you to make multiple accounts of files, once you have made an account you can make your list of files. Your files can then be hidden or shown accordingly. You can manage all of your accounts in the preferences and you can set a master password to lock the preferences and one more thing that gets locked whenever the preferences are locked is the recover lost files help menu. This menu can be used if somehow you manage to loose a file by hiding it and you want it back. Your passwords are all encoded with my own encryption method for safe keeping.
DisApPeAr also supports dropping files into the list. Note: Hiding files is for keeping them away from the average Joe, but if someone is familiar with macintosh then the will be able to retrieve the file.

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