Dink Smallwood HD

Dink Smallwood HD 1.5

"The main hook in this game has to be the sense of humor that permeates it......
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Dink Smallwood HD...It all began in a world where dragons roamed the land and knights fought with valor and honor.
And then there was Dink. Can a simple pig farmer thrust into an epic journey of magic and adventure save the world?
Dink Smallwood HD is the newly remixed version of the classic RPG brought to you by the original creators featuring:
- The complete re-mastered original CD soundtrack
- Speed up" button to fly through dialog and cutscenes at your own pace
- Can run user made levels (DMODs)
- Automatic full state save/restore whenever you quit/restart the game
- Quick save/load feature takes the frustration out of dying
- Upgraded and optimized engine, Dink never looked or sounded better
- Adjustable screen size via dragging the corner

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