DesktopRecorder 1.0

Records all desktop activity with a choice of multiple output settings.

DesktopRecorder allows users to create on-screen tutorials, presentations and save them in video format. The utility is mainly targeted at those using old Mac OS X versions (10.4 +) and has very few of the features we have come to expect from modern screen recorders. In spite of that, DesktopRecorder is quite lightweight and surprisingly resource-friendly while recording.

For a program that has very little controls (Start / Stop Capture buttons only), DesktopRecorder offers a wide range of custom compression parameters, divided in 3 sections: Motion, Encoding Mode and Compressor type of settings. While the output video format will remain unchanged (QuickTime mov), you may select one of many compression types, define the FPS (frames per second) and video quality.

In terms of accessibility controls, DesktopRecorder includes no hotkey support for starting and stopping the video capture, which in the end is probably its only flaw. If you ignore minimalistic interface approach (the absent layout and controls), the application makes for an effective desktop recording tool.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Support for multiple compression types
  • Custom FPS
  • Custom compressor quality


  • Only records in full screen mode
  • Not hotkey for starting / ending recording
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