Desktop Task Timer

Desktop Task Timer 4.03

Perfect solution for keeping track of your time.
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Desktop Task Timer is a beautifully simple and straightforward way to keep track of your billable time for business use. It's great for personal projects too you'll finally be able to know how much time you're actually working and how much time you waste slacking off.
- Just enter a task and hit start
- it's that simple!
- Switch active tasks with a single click, and without having to stop the essential feature for people that have to constantly switch what they're working on
- Toggle the timer with a tap of the space bar, for instance when stopping for a phone call or other interruption
- Add up to 20 tasks
- Export to .csv, which you can then open with any spreadsheet program
- Manage your tasks from the desktop status bar
- Multitask mode: allows active timer on 2 or more tasks
- Automatically saves your data as you use it
- Provides a rounded hourly output to save you the hassle of manual calculations
- Clean and streamlined interface
- Tell at a glance at the status bar what your active project is and whether the timer is running

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