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Desktop Notes 1.1

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Mario Schreiner

Desktop Notes makes it easy for you to just write down the stuff you need to remember. It doesn't need a complex interface, it just provides you with what you want: Taking notes and reading notes quickly and easily, without them being in your way when you don't need them.
Key Features:
- Easy-to-use interface. Just create, delete and edit notes the way you expect it
- Notes are auto-saved when you change them so you never lose data
- Notes are not in your way: By default, notes stick to your desktop. But if you need them, you can bring them to the front with a single click
- Let Desktop Notes run all the time: It doesn't come with a dock icon, so it doesn't disturb you. A little icon in your menubar - that's all you'll notice
- Create and edit notes even if they stick to your desktop. Use F11 to always get to your notes, even if your monitor is cluttered by windows
- Rich-Text support: Use different fonts and control font size, color and style
- Built so external changes to your notes are recognized and immediatly reflected. This allows you to sync your notes through third party services like Dropbox

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