Deliver Express 2.6

Automate file delivery with hot folder processing.
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Deliver Express makes it easy to send files to a number of destinations automatically. It introduces the concept of Hot Folders. When you drag a file to a Hot Folder, it will be automatically sent to your preconfigured destination. There are a lot of options that make this tool very robust.

The first thing you will need to configure is your Destinations. You can add as many as you want if you buy the Enterprise edition. The Basic edition imposes a limit of 15. Ideally, you would use each one to send files to a different destination. For example, Destination 1 will send files to your FTP server when a file is dropped into its Hot Folder, while Destination 2 might compose an e-mail with the dropped file as an attachment.

Files can be sent to FTP or SFTP servers, Google Storage, Amazon S3, WebDAV servers, AFP and SMB shares, e-mail addresses or they can be moved to local disks or compressed.

One of the most interesting features of Deliver Express is its support for sending files via e-mail. I particularly like that you can create templates for your e-mails and receive notifications when files have been sent.

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  • Lots of destinations available
  • Local folders are also supported
  • Notifications and templates


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