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Magnificent analogue watch which will decorate any desktop.
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Alexey Nikitin & Alexandr Bondar
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deepClock is a magnificent analogue watch which will decorate any desktop.
deepClock isn't just an ordinary clock. It's a magnificent decoration for any desktop. deepClock doesn't burden the desktop with unnecessary information. The program just displays a beautiful and unique clock on your Mac's desktop. This is so little and so much at the same time! Among the program combines, there still exist some small ones which perform only one or two functions but do that on a high level. deepClock is one of them!
This is a beautiful analog clock which you can place anywhere on your desktop on your main monitor or you can move it to a secondary monitor as well.
The beautiful picture is enhanced by sound effects creating a realistic environment. If you need to turn the sound effects off, you can do that from the Settings panel. From that same panel, you can select the position for the clock (above all other windows or standard placement). You can also set the clock to show on all spaces as well as in fullscreen regime.
The program offers six clock styles for you to choose from.
If the clock is set to the standard placement from the menu "Bring deepClock to Front" and "Show Clock", you can always bring it to the forefront.
You wouldn't have to worry anymore about launching the program every time you turn on your Mac. The convenient Run At Login option in your Settings menu will take care of that, and your deepClock will be ready to work every time you turn your Mac on.
In our new version, we're planning to add new stunning styles which you wouldn't be able to ignore; an option for adding voice reminders will be added. The site will feature additional styles which you will be able to download for free directly from the program. And much more!
Sign up for the mailing list on the developer's site in the "Subscribe" section so that you can always be aware of the newest information about improvements and new programming products.
- 9 variants style of clock
- Low CPU usage
- Movable clock
- Keep clock on top of all windows
- Show clock in all spaces
- Show clock over fullscreen
- Sound effect and beep
- Run at Login
- Hidden arrows in clock

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