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Create audio DJ mixes in popular formats.
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Generate and mix custom DJ tracks. Work with various MIDI controllers and integrate multiple decks for loading popular audio file formats. Check out the materials in MP3, OGG, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, M4a, or WMA. Juggle with 12 different output modes, loop or cue the sound, or leap certain portions.

Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host. Deckadance itself can also host any VST compliant softsynth or effect.
You can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.
Deckadance is available in two versions: House Edition (Limited) The House Edition does not support VINYL / CD deck control. Club Edition (Full) All features functional. The House Edition can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & the Club Edition adds full Timecoded Vinyl Control (which controls most existing vinyl systems).
Full feature list: 64-bit DSP, high quality processing. 2 decks capable of loading MP3 (Id3v1&v2), FLAC, M4a (iTunes), WMA, WAV, AIFF and OGG. aufTAKT tempo analysis, for perfect syncronization. 12 outputs (6 x Stereo): master mix, monitor, deck a, deck b +more. Seamless Looping / Cueing. Unique Loop and Leap feature. Unique Reverse and Leap feature. Flexible monitoring options: pre-fader listener level, phone split. Switch / VUmeters for all elements. Flexible crossfader modes (linear or curved w/curve adjustment). Seamless 'beat jump' functions. -36dB to +12dB Low/Mid/High EQ range control. Band kill, -48dB. Auto-Sync buttons. Auto-Slave to main tempo / host tempo button. Auto Beat-Sync playback start. Precise pitch control. Crossfader embedded VU meter, auto-transition & transformer. 3 Band EQ with 3 Band killer buttons. Deck accurate pitchbend slow/fast control. Deck downbeat shift control. Tempo tracking switches (for tracks with variable tempo). Internal torque simulation with realistic mouse scratch/hold. Effects: Lowpass. Highpass. bandpass. Bandreject filter. 8 Tap 3D Phaser. Variable 3D Echo/Flanger effect. X/Y control pads. Playlist with virtually unlimited number of entries. Automatic Playlist mix: Common track crossfade. DJ style mode! (with auto-beatmatched Playlist transitions). SHUFFLE mode. Automatic Playlist recursive directory search. Full drag & drop from external OLE applications. Embedded right song browser with favourites search function. Bass crossfader. Tool window: Inline-help, Peakscope and Spectroscope. Tons of samples and MIDI grooves provided. +500 royalty free loops, downloadable. 8-slot sampler that uses the 8 built-in samples. 8-slot sampler, samples from decks A/B with loop & sync functions. Relooper that works with preset/included patterns. Fully editable Relooper [reslice / rearrange loops in realtime]. Wave, MP3 & OGG loading and pitchbend support. Standalone & VSTi plugin mode inside FL Studio, Live, Cubase etc. Hosts VSTi softsynths & effects. 8-slot VSTi host with MIDI file playback in sync with tempo. 6 inputs (3 x Stereo Deck A input, Deck B input, Mic). VST host MIDI-IN / THRU (to control hosted VST's from controller). On-the-fly disk recorder. Low-latency vinyl tracking system with autolearn. Tested with: Deckadance time code cd Final Scratch. Serato Scratch Live. MixVibes. MS PINKY. Torq. Reflex vinyls & CD.... all other formats supported via 'learning' mode. Midi Support:
Generic MIDI control support. MIDI Learn with easy to configure function.
Native remote DJ Controller support for: Allen&Heath Xone:3D American Audio Digital Producer 2 / DP2, VMS4 Behringer BCD2000 & BCD3000 DJ-Tech 101 Series, DJ For All, Mix Free, i-Mix, i-Mix MKII, DJ Mouse, i-MixReload, uSolo FX, Pocket DJ & Kontrol One (K1 + M1) EKS Otus, XP10 & XP5 Hercules RMX, DJ Console MK2, DJ Control MP3 & MP3 E2, DJ Console MK4, DJ Control Steel iCon i-DJ, i-DJX Kontrol-DJ KDJ500 M-Audio XSessionPro & XPonent Numark Omni Control & Total Control Omnitronic MMC-1 OpenLabs DBeat Percussa AudioCubes Reloop Digital Jockey Stanton SCS-1d & SCS.3d/DaScratch SYNQ DMC-1000, DMC-2000, PCM-1 Vestax VCI-100, VCI-100 MKII, VCI-300, VCI-400, VCM-100 & Typhoon

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