Deckadance 2.3

DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host.
2.3 (See all)

Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host. Deckadance itself can also host any VST compliant softsynth or effect.
You can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.
Deckadance is available in two versions: House Edition (Limited) The House Edition does not support VINYL / CD deck control. Club Edition (Full) All features functional. The House Edition can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & the Club Edition adds full Timecoded Vinyl Control (which controls most existing vinyl systems).
Full feature list: 64-bit DSP, high quality processing. 2 decks capable of loading MP3 (Id3v1&v2), FLAC, M4a (iTunes), WMA, WAV, AIFF and OGG. aufTAKT tempo analysis, for perfect syncronization. 12 outputs (6 x Stereo): master mix, monitor, deck a, deck b +more. Seamless Looping / Cueing. Unique Loop and Leap feature. Unique Reverse and Leap feature. Flexible monitoring options: pre-fader listener level, phone split. Switch / VUmeters for all elements. Flexible crossfader modes (linear or curved w/curve adjustment). Seamless 'beat jump' functions. -36dB to +12dB Low/Mid/High EQ range control. Band kill, -48dB. Auto-Sync buttons. Auto-Slave to main tempo / host tempo button. Auto Beat-Sync playback start. Precise pitch control. Crossfader embedded VU meter, auto-transition & transformer. 3 Band EQ with 3 Band killer buttons. Deck accurate pitchbend slow/fast control. Deck downbeat shift control. Tempo tracking switches (for tracks with variable tempo). Internal torque simulation with realistic mouse scratch/hold. Effects: Lowpass. Highpass. bandpass. Bandreject filter. 8 Tap 3D Phaser. Variable 3D Echo/Flanger effect. X/Y control pads. Playlist with virtually unlimited number of entries. Automatic Playlist mix: Common track crossfade. DJ style mode! (with auto-beatmatched Playlist transitions). SHUFFLE mode. Automatic Playlist recursive directory search. Full drag & drop from external OLE applications. Embedded right song browser with favourites search function. Bass crossfader. Tool window: Inline-help, Peakscope and Spectroscope. Tons of samples and MIDI grooves provided. +500 royalty free loops, downloadable. 8-slot sampler that uses the 8 built-in samples. 8-slot sampler, samples from decks A/B with loop & sync functions. Relooper that works with preset/included patterns. Fully editable Relooper [reslice / rearrange loops in realtime]. Wave, MP3 & OGG loading and pitchbend support. Standalone & VSTi plugin mode inside FL Studio, Live, Cubase etc. Hosts VSTi softsynths & effects. 8-slot VSTi host with MIDI file playback in sync with tempo. 6 inputs (3 x Stereo Deck A input, Deck B input, Mic). VST host MIDI-IN / THRU (to control hosted VST's from controller). On-the-fly disk recorder. Low-latency vinyl tracking system with autolearn. Tested with: Deckadance time code cd Final Scratch. Serato Scratch Live. MixVibes. MS PINKY. Torq. Reflex vinyls & CD.... all other formats supported via 'learning' mode. Midi Support:
Generic MIDI control support. MIDI Learn with easy to configure function.
Native remote DJ Controller support for: Allen&Heath Xone:3D American Audio Digital Producer 2 / DP2, VMS4 Behringer BCD2000 & BCD3000 DJ-Tech 101 Series, DJ For All, Mix Free, i-Mix, i-Mix MKII, DJ Mouse, i-MixReload, uSolo FX, Pocket DJ & Kontrol One (K1 + M1) EKS Otus, XP10 & XP5 Hercules RMX, DJ Console MK2, DJ Control MP3 & MP3 E2, DJ Console MK4, DJ Control Steel iCon i-DJ, i-DJX Kontrol-DJ KDJ500 M-Audio XSessionPro & XPonent Numark Omni Control & Total Control Omnitronic MMC-1 OpenLabs DBeat Percussa AudioCubes Reloop Digital Jockey Stanton SCS-1d & SCS.3d/DaScratch SYNQ DMC-1000, DMC-2000, PCM-1 Vestax VCI-100, VCI-100 MKII, VCI-300, VCI-400, VCM-100 & Typhoon

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