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Dash VPN allows you to preserve your privacy while you surf the Internet. In this respect, it is a client app that connects your machine with the outside world through a virtual private network, which means that the target site never gets to know your real IP and, therefore, it is unable to determine your actual location. Besides, it has the advantage that all the data traffic occurs in the encrypted form.

The client is very easy to use. In fact, you can simply ask it to choose the nearest server and get you connected. However, it is also possible to pick one of the virtual locations available, which are spread throughout all continents and regions. In addition, you may want to reduce the amount of traffic and consequently increase your connection speed by compressing data as well as reducing images and video. Another convenient option is to block unwanted advertisements, which not only help you enjoy a less obtrusive surfing experience but also speeds up your connection.

All in all, Dash VPN lets you connect to the Internet anonymously. Luckily, it supports not only visiting websites but also checking your email, accessing cloud contents and unblocking geo-restricted streaming services. Unfortunately, the subscribing to their services is not as anonymous as most users would prefer. In this respect, personal information is collected. Likewise, its being based in the United States is a liability, as your private data may be shared with government agencies. The product is free but it requires paying for the services as in-app purchases.

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  • Wide network
  • Lets you speed up connection and save data traffic
  • Built-in ad-blocker


  • Personal data is collected
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