Dale Hardshovel & The Bloomstone Mystery

Dale Hardshovel & The Bloomstone Mystery 1.5

Match the artifacts and win the trophies for outstanding performance.
1.5 (See all)
phime studio

It is a usual working day in Dale's study. Suddenly, his daughter Daisy rushes in, holding a piece of old papyrus with strange inscriptions. She needs it for her archaeological exhibition, but she can't translate it. Intrigued by the papyrus, Dale checks his archaeological network and finds out that the inscription is the belonging of an ancient brotherhood from Egypt, and the only key to the translation is the mysterious Bloomstone. However, the secret is hidden in the Big Pyramid, guarded by Anubis, ancient Egyptian deity. Now, Dale has to solve 100 puzzles that Anubis set for him, and to collect all the missing pieces of the Bloomstone. But he will soon discover that there is much more to this challenge...

Help Dale in the quest of searching for all the pieces of the mysterious Bloomstone. Match the artifacts and win the trophies for outstanding performance. Lead Dale's daughter Daisy through mummy-crawling mazes, and earn some more help in solving brain-teasing puzzles. Go all the way through the Big pyramid and decipher the papyrus of the secret brotherhood in Egypt.

Main Features:

- 100 pure mind-twisting levels
- Unique matching artifact gameplay, with various helper elements
- Story driven quest
- Exciting additional arcade-style quests in the mummy-crawling mazes
- Exotic trophies for outstanding performance
- Combination of 3d rendered and hand drawn graphics
- 7 original in-house composed soundtracks that revive the spirit of ancient Egypt
- Authentic Dale voice-over

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