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Ctrl Alt Delete 1.0

The application is a system maintenance tool for Mac.
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Ctrl Alt Delete is a system maintenance tool for Mac. If you have been a Windows user for any significant amount of time, you probably know what the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination of keys does. If you don't know, let me briefly explain. On Windows, when you press that hotkey, you will see a window that will show you all the running applications, from where you can quit them. This is especially useful when applications become unresponsive and you need to quit them. On Mac, there is also a combination of keys that brings a menu with running applications and the option to force to quit them. In this case, the hotkey combination is Command + Option + Escape. The Ctrl Alt Delete application responds to the Windows hotkey combination and it brings up a window that lets you not only quit and force quit running application, but processes as well. You can also use the window to log off, sleep, turn off, or restart your Mac. Ctrl Alt Delete runs on the menubar. It has a very small icon that you can click to bring up the main window. The app can be set to run when your start your Mac. On the Settings window, you can configure delays for the app to turn off, restart, sleep or log off your Mac. There is a help web page but the only topic available is how to redeem a promotion code.

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  • It works well
  • Easy to use
  • Nice for Windows users


  • A very small icon to bring up the main window
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