Cricket Coach 2011

Most realistic cricket manager game available for Windows PC's.
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Cricket Coach 2011 is the most realistic cricket manager game available for Windows PC's. Featuring an accurate match engine and detailed strategy options, cricket on your computer has never felt so real. Choose to play as England, Australia, India or any of the other Test nations. Also includes associate nations such as Ireland and Afghanistan which are also playable. Domestic cricket from ten countries is simulated, including the exciting Indian T20 league. Control your side through detailed tactical options for both batting and bowling. Set the field, decide how your bowlers should bowl and cross your fingers that it all goes to plan. As the batting side tell your batsmen how to play, do they attack the bowling and look for boundaries? Or shut up shop and play out a draw? The choice is yours, and so is the glory. New for 2011 is a historical database which allows the creation of series between great teams of the past, such as the West Indies 1980's side vs England in the 1920's. Also included is a detailed game editor which allows you to create new players, teams, grounds and competitions which can then be played with in the game. The international series mode provides a perfect contract to the standard career mode. Choose two sides, schedule a series of up to 5 games, and off you go. Full statistics and records are kept, so you'll never forget that incredible Ashes victory. Cricket Coach 2011 is available now, an essential title for all cricket fans, whether young or old. All the fascination of an intriguing test series, from the comfort of your living room.
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Version 4.53 adds the ability to choose to start in April 2011, adds support for more domestic leagues and teams through the editor plus another huge player database update.

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