Creepy Mines 2

Creepy Mines 2 is an arkanoid game in which you will visit underground mines.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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Creepy Mines 2 is an arkanoid game in which you will visit multiple underground mines playing games. In this game you must make the ball bounce over a moving platform in order to hit objects with it. If you don't manage to catch the ball with the platform, you will lose one life. The objective in every level is to remove all the diamonds, so you can get to the next level. The levels will also have lots of boxes that you can remove by hitting them with the ball and they will give you points. As you progress, there will be more diamonds to destroy and the levels will be more and more complicated.

The game also includes lots of power-ups and -downs that you can catch while playing. Unfortunately, there isn't any type of help, so you will have to figure out which are the power-ups and which are the power-downs. The game includes several game speeds to choose from according to your skill level. There are also three types of playground views and several window sizes. The game features simple and not very attractive graphics, simple sounds, and suitable music.

In short, if you like arkanoid games and you are looking for a challenging game to pass the time, Creepy Mines 2 may work for you.

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  • Multiple speed levels
  • Challenging
  • Lots of power-ups and downs


  • Not very attractive graphics
  • No help



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