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Craft Control Lite 1.4

Craft Control Lite is a line-drawing game for the Mac.
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Craft Control Lite is a line-drawing game for the Mac. In this game, you have to take the ships that appear on the map to a specified location that will be marked on the map. When the ship reaches its target, it will disappear from the map and you will be awarded points for it. New ships appear all the time, and as the game progresses, the number of ships that you have to control at once will be great. This forces you to make strategic choices and to be really quick. Also, you will have to send some ships through one or more checkpoints at times. These are marked as "1" and "2", etc.

You control the ships by clicking on them and drawing a line to the target. The line that you draw will be the ships' trajectory and you can change it at any time.

There is a nice level-up and bonuses system in place. You can buy upgrades that let you score more points or give you more time, for example.

All in all, this game is fun, and very challenging. There is a lot to be considered during the game, so I wouldn't put this game in the "casual" category. Make sure you read the instructions before playing.

José Fernández
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  • It is very challenging
  • Great graphics


  • Too much to be aware of at once
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