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Free Counting sheep allows you to set a timer to shut down your computer.
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Johannes Emerich
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This is a very simple widget which allows you to set a timer to shut down your computer or put it to sleep. You just need to type the hours, minutes and seconds, in the corresponding spaces, and hit the start button. This application may be useful if you want to listen to music in bed or watch a movie, as you can set a timer in case you fall asleep before you get to shut down your computer. The timer looks fine, but it is very small, which makes it a bit uncomfortable. The good thing is that you can place it wherever you want on your dashboard without occupying much space.

The timer is supposed to stop if you press the Stop button, but sadly that doesn't happen. I had to eliminate it from my dashboard in order to stop it, and I couldn't reset it either. Unfortunately, there aren't any other options, so without the stop function working, the program is useless.

To conclude, I guess it is obvious that I wouldn't recommend this widget under any circumstance, and you can get much better similar programs out there that work fine.

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  • Easy to use


  • The stop option doesn't work
  • Very small



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