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Convert different values between units of measurement.
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Optimize and speed up calculations involving different measurement systems. Select the input and output values and enter the numbers of the original units, automatically process them, and view, copy, transfer, and adjust the resulting numbers. Save calculation results.

If you are looking for a compact unit converter for your everyday needs this is the solution for you.
* Minimal user interface for less Desktop space and more efficiency.
* Simple design. No confusing controls. Use it with ease from the first time.
* No "convert it" buttons. The calculation is made while you type the value instantly.
* Includes Currency. Live updated rates every time you start your app.
- Angle
- Area
- Currency
- Digital Storage
- Length
- Pressure
- Time
- Volume
- Weight
Currency rates update every time you start the application. In case of no Internet connection, the application will use the latest rates available -notifying you with the date of the last online update-

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