CKZ Origins

CKZ Origins 2.0

Kill zombies and lead out people from numerous infested locations.
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CKZ Origins is an exciting action game where you play as Evelyn, a courageous fighter whose objective is to reveal the mystery behind a zombie outbreak. On your journey you will need to complete various types of challenges, like rescuing doctors from zombie-populated areas, collecting items from certain areas, and more.

The graphics and animations look nice and the sound effects are perfect. You get access to a quick tutorial at the beginning of the game and a complete help guide in the main menu. Furthermore, your game progress is automatically saved as soon as you complete a challenge.

The more zombies you kill, the more coins you get at the end of missions. You can use the coins to acquire new weapons, upgrade your gear, buy medicine, etc. If you want to have more coins, you can make an in-app purchase by using real money.

My only problem with this game is the fact that when I move my mouse too close to the Dock (in my case at the bottom of the screen), it appears on the screen and interrupts the gameplay.

All in all, CKZ Origins is a great game that can keep you in front of your Mac for hours with its many challenging missions. I'd say it's worth giving it a shot if you're a fan of playing shooter games.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Provides you with multiple helpful hints
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Brings you many missions


  • Moving the mouse too close to your Dock pulls the Dock up
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