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A new twist on the block dropping game genre!
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A new twist on the block dropping game genre! Destroy the blocks before the game destroys you!
"Compression is one of those puzzle games that seems to get everything right." -
Compression takes the famous falling blocks game concept and redefines it. Use all the block dropping skills you've mastered in the past, and then discover an all new level of strategy that only Compression can offer. Mixing the classic gameplay style of the traditional game, with a uniquely dynamic gaming surface, Compression creates an ever changing challenge for even the most advanced block dropping fan. With dangerously dark and detailed graphics, and an industrial rock soundtrack, Compression is not your momma's block dropping game!
- Rapid, multilayered, strategic gameplay with two different game modes
- Unlimited, randomly generated levels, with increasing speed and challenge as you progress
- Multiple keyboard controls options. Want to match the controls of your favorite block dropping game? You can!
- Industrial rock music and sound effects by Atomicon
*** NOTE ***
If you are having trouble getting past the main game menu, please make sure any font management software you have personally installed on your computer is allowing the game to access the fonts list. Compression uses the Trebuchet font, and will not run correctly without proper access to it.

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