COMODO Antivirus 2.2

Protect Mac devices from zer-day malware.
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Scan the drives and files detected in Mac OS X. Analyze the structures and folder content to identify the platform-specific malware. Access compresses archives, view detailed logs and reports describing the current state of the system. Select the means of malware containment.

Comodo Antivirus provides complete protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horses for Mac OS X based computers.
Why Comodo Antivirus for Mac Computers?
There used to be a time when Mac computers were considered almost 'virus-proof'. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The quantity of Mac viruses is growing at an alarming rate and solid protection against these threats is essential if you wish to prevent identity theft, file corruption or interception of your credit card details.
Comodo Antivirus provides the state-of-the-art virus protection to your Mac OS computer at no cost. Featuring an on-demand scanner, 'always on' real-time protection and a constantly updated database of known viruses, Comodo AV provides superior protection against zero-day malware. This is not a stripped down version of a paid product, it's the real deal. Scan any drive or file. Get in-depth reports on viral activity. Even scan compressed .zip files, where viruses often hide. All in one attractive user-friendly interface.
Unique Features
- Automatic updates for the most up-to-date virus protection
- Drag and drop any object onto the dock icon for instant virus analysis
- Easy to use interface lets you install and forget: no annoying pop-ups or false alarms
- Comodo Antivirus has been built with intelligence. Upon detecting a suspicious file that could be a virus, our software will immediately place that file in quarantine ("Antivirus Jail"): the file is blocked, awaiting trial. If it's a viral invader, delete it.


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