ColorNavigator 5.4

EIZO developed ColorNavigator software makes calibration simple and accurate
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The EIZO-developed ColorNavigator software makes calibration both simple and accurate. Instead of having to judge colors and do time-consuming inputting, or having a specialist do it for you, all you need to do is input target values for brightness, white point and gamma. ColorNavigator works with a wide range of measurement devices* to directly utilize the 12- or 10-bit Look-Up Table of ColorEdge monitors for accurate and reliable calibration in minutes.
ColorNavigator Features

ColorNavigator includes the following features:
Calibrate brightness, white point, and gamma of the monitor, then generate its profile...Select values for brightness, white point, and gamma then calibrate the monitor and create a profile.
Emulate the monitor adjustment and create its profile …Emulate the color characteristics of another monitor or color spaces. Useful for remote proofing or when another monitor is the standard monitor in a workflow. (CG211 and CG19 not supported.)
Adjust the monitor with past adjustment results …Save calibration results as profiles and use them again to adjust the monitor. Different profiles can be saved for different purposes – for example, web design or printing – and then used as necessary.
Validation…Measure the monitor’s color patches and display the delta-E difference with the monitor’s profile.

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