Color Decoder 1.1

Improve colour management on a Mac for the visually impaired.
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Stray Cat Technology, LLC
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Work with an assistant for users who lack regular colour vision. Check out informational materials and special elements for designating and detecting colour usage on charts, maps, radar readings, and other images. Decode, compare, and label specific colours.

Color Decoder helps those who lack normal color vision (commonly referred to as being colorblind) understand color usage on charts, maps, radar and other images. As the user operates the computer normally, Color Decoder watches the color underneath the mouse pointer and displays the color's name or, for those with additional vision impairment, announces it with speech synthesis. It can blink areas on the screen having the same color and magnify the pixels near the mouse pointer for precise control over which color it decodes. Web designers can request SVG/CSS3 color names and RGB or L*a*b* values.



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