Collins French Dictionary and Grammar

Collins French Dictionary and Grammar 1.0

Collins French Dictionary and Grammar helps you learn the language faster.
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Innovative Language Learning, LLC

Looking for the definitive French language dictionary for the Mac? HarperCollins, one of the world's most respected dictionary publishers for over 175 years, and Innovative Language Learning, a leader in online and mobile application language learning, have teamed up to bring you just that. This app is packed with 95,000 references and 136,000 translations, but one thing it's not packed with is complexity. While many large dictionary applications pile on complex features and functions, we strove to streamline Collins French Dictionary and Grammar and make it the fastest and easiest French language dictionary application available. With a clean and elegant user interface, you'll be impressed at how quickly you can search and browse entries and easily bookmark words by starring them. Collins French Dictionary and Grammar was designed from the ground up to get you the information you need without getting in your way.

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