CoffeeCup Web Editor

CoffeeCup Web Editor 2.0

A clever code editor with the most flexible workspace you've ever seen.
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Web Editor is a clever coding machine with a flexible workspace designed for both novices and seasoned veterans. Two on-screen code editors and an interactive preview pane keep everything in view while you get to work - and you can arrange them whichever way is most comfortable for you. A wide variety of helpers, tools, and slick tricks are ready to guide you through your next big project. Use multiple cursors, tag matching, block editing, drag-n'-drop coding, search-based editing, and more personalization options than you thought possible. Forgotten the name of an HTML element, or even one of your own CSS classes? Web Editor auto-suggests them for you as you type, keeping tiny typos out of your code that could cause a fatal error. And using a plug-in system, you can add more options whenever you need them, and even create your own. Go ahead, take the HTML-CSS-Preview round trip. Coders with a two-monitor setup will be especially happy: Pop the preview out and put it on your second screen so you can dedicate your main monitor to two related files at once. Once you really get into Web Editor's flexible workspace, you'll wonder how you've ever gotten by without it.
What's new in this version:
Insert multi-selections of attributes, attribute values, selectors & properties. Drag and drop your files directly into your website project. View all referenced files used by any HTML document at a glance Your personal panel configuration is now automatically saved. Add & remove bookmarks by simply clicking line numbers. Improved tag closing & highlighting, and better overall code completion. Move selected in the same editor window with drag-n-drop. Copy and move blocks between editor wi...

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