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CodeTek VirtualDesktop revolutionizes the way you work in Mac OS X by giving you the ability to truly multitask. If you work with more than one application at a time, as most Mac users do, your screen quickly fills up with windows. With CodeTek VirtualDesktop, you see only the windows for the current task you're working on. When you start a new task, you can switch to an empty virtual desktop and open all the windows you need. When you need to switch back to a previous task, you can go back to that desktop, and you'll see only that task's windows, just as you had left them. And, with CodeTek VirtualDesktop, you can create up to 100 virtual desktops. It's that simple.
What's new in this version:
Full support for X11 Full support for Expose Focus Follows Mouse can focus a window without raising the window Automatic locking of pager to edge of screenAutohide feature for pagerRemote control of VirtualDesktop through AppleScript and CocoaContextual menus in pager to control windowsFeature to have VirtualDesktop only use the main monitor. All windows on other monitors are "sticky"New HotKey that displays w...

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