CodeLoft 0.1

collection of development tool add-ons

CodeLoft is a collection of quick little tools that we use around the shop to write code faster and better. Normally, we don't release these to the public, but a friend of ours was visiting and suggested that we publish them. So, as we clean them up, and add the polish that they need for public consumption, we are putting them together.
What's new in this version:
This is the first version that we are making available, it includes just 2 of the the 8 tools that will eventually be a part of this package. The GUIDGenerator is a simple user interface for creating GUID's. This is something that is a staple of Windows Development. The other tool is the Collection Wizard. This is a simple, fill in the blanks get a ready to use code file out processor. It supports collections in both Objective C (Cocoa) and C# (.NET & Mono).

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