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Standalone desktop Customer Relationship Management client.
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CocoaCRM is a standalone desktop Customer Relationship Management client. If you are responsible for sales at a small company, and you need a solid, but inexpensive CRM solution - designed from the ground up for OS X - we believe we have what you need.
CocoaCRM is not a web service - you pay once, you install it, and there are no additional charges. At time of launch, it costs literally 1/10th of the price of the leading alternative desktop solution for the MacOS environment.
It is designed for fast, efficient use - As a desktop App, there is no web latency. And it supports quick navigation and data entry using only the keyboard as much as possible. Features Supports creating Organization records, Contact records within Organization records, and date stamped Conversation Notes within Contact Records Supports importing and exporting JSON files as well as CSV. We make no attempt to lock you into the App, as do too many other CRM solutions. We let you get data in and out as you choose, including by importing and exporting structured JSON trees of records, preserving relationships between organizations and contacts, and between contacts and conversation notes Supports auto-dialing phone numbers thru FaceTime or other helper applications Enables viewing the location of any organization on a map, with nearby organizations identified within a radius you specify, and also points of interest of your choice Supports changing the appearance of the App in terms of both color scheme, and font scheme. If you prefer light-on-dark or dark-on-light text, we give you multiple color scheme choices. If you want larger fonts for readability, you can also have that. Supports customizing field names for many Organization and Contact records. Everyone has different requirements for record fields - we let you change field names easily Supports Sorting/Filtering Records easily and powerfully - and also Classifying records in bulk as desired Provides a Productivity window - for quickly visualizing and assessing how productive you are in your work Provides a Dashboard window - for quickly visualizing and assessing the character of your business Supports generating reports aggregating data, which you can also export as CSV files for importation into spreadsheets

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