Clip-MetaView 1.3

Views the Alexa ProRes Quicktime files data.
1.3 (See all)
Access and extract the metadata from clips created by the ARRI ALEXA cameras. The utility recognizes relevant formats of Quicktime projects and extracts the ALEXA Look files via drag and drop actions. It also features a browsing window for searching and selecting the elements.

View all metadata from a Alexa ProRes Quicktime file in a easy and searchable list. All loaded metadata is stored in a database and can be accessed later without the need to read the clips again or even have them present on the database computer.
Drag complete folder structures to the application to import multiple quick times in one easy step.
Play clips directly in Clip-MetaView or double click any clip to open it in Quicktime Player.
Export ALEXA Look Files by just dragging from the Applications window to any folder or application or batch export multiple Look Files.

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