CleanUp 1.0

Optimize your drive space by cleaning files.
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Remove duplicates, junk data, unnecessary files, etc. Optimize drive space by selecting the folders and devices, running the analysis, and selecting the means of dealing with the content. Quickly find all types of files, select filters to automatically remove or pass them over.

CleanUp finds files and folders quickly and easily.
Too many files, too many folders. Sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for on your desktop. With CleanUp, you'll know where to find without even thinking of a file's name. And, instead of browsing thousands of folders, you'll have everything packed in just one directory, arranged by extension (file kind). Last, but not least, you'll have your folders grouped in a super-folder which contains all the data you need. It's time to switch to something different. Time to choose CleanUp.



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