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City of Secrets Lite is an adventure game for the Mac. It has incredible, cartoonish graphics that manage to almost look like an animation movie. In the game, you have to solve different puzzles by exploring different places to find certain objects or get to a specific place in the current level. The game is very scripted, so chances are that you won't get lost and won't fail to carry out a task. You have a narrator that gives you help and there is a task list that you can access. There is the occasional hint as well.

City of Secrets Lite works like the demo version of City of Secrets. You can buy the full version by clicking on the button when you launch the game.

The first mission is very easy, but it should give you a nice taste of what the game is about. In it, you have to find a metal hook that you need to use to fish a magnet out of the water. You control Rex, a dog, around a room and you have to move a few pieces of furniture to get to the ceiling, where the hook is installed. You use the mouse to control Rex moves and what objects he interacts with.

All in all, this is a nice game and it has gotten great reviews. It is available for the iPhone and iPad as well.

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