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The application provides functionality to listen audio tracks from social net.
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The creators of Circle, a brand new software synthesizer, offer musicians an impressive set of analog powered modules for creating music and exploring new and unique sounds. At a first look, the layout is certainly striking and, perhaps, intimidating; modules stacked up together provide a real treat for eyes and after some shallow configuration for ears as well.

The application comes with a Sound Bank containing multiple ready-made configurations that are grouped up within different classes, types and styles. Circle modules may be associated to multiple MIDI devices but if you just want to get a quick glimpse of the sound output for a specific configuration, the built-in keyboard will do just fine.
Circle offers high quality output but that is similar to many other applications of its kind. It is the interface and simple user interaction that immediately caught my attention; analog filters, modulators, oscillators and equalizers are all displayed in high contrast and configuration mostly requires drag-and-drop actions.

The program may not appear to be a tool for novices but, in fact, provides users with a rich set of video tutorials and guides. This is one application you may want to look forward to in both current and future release; it has some great potential and promises to integrate new exciting features like touch screen support.

Rory Shaffer
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  • High quality audio effects
  • Sound bank
  • Real time sound changes


  • Modular design may not be the easiest way to configure for most users
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