CHV Complete-collection 4.1

(FCP) Final Cut Pro/Express plugins
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The Complete-collection V4.1 is a bundle of 7 plugin-collections for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.
The features: All plugins run on OS-9 and OS-X Lots of transitions, filters and generators specifically made for: Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express (all versions) High quality vector-based text-rendering Resolution-independent image processing Real keyframes with the CHV Keyframe-system for Final Cut Express YUV-rendering for best possible results Sub-pixel rendering for perfect smooth movements Stunning 3D-effects Totally new and never seen before functions Automatic gap-recognition for transitions Black video-borders can be easily cut Transparency is fully supported Seamless integration into your project Affordable for everyone! The included collections and their plugins: The Time-collection V4.1: TimeControl V4.0 Speed V4.0 Flexible Time V4.0 Blurry Vision V4.0 On Drugs V4.0 Random Frames V4.0 Time Smear V4.0 Time Shadow V4.0 Time Tunnel (fast) V4.0 Time Tunnel (normal) V4.0 The Starters-collection: Binoculars Spot The Text-collection: Credits Sub-Title The 3D-collection: 3D-Explode 3D-Matrix 3D-Clips 3D-Cube The Color-collection: Replace Colors Stylize Process Edges The Distortion-collection: Pixelstorm Pro Stripes Gridslide Fluid Pro StormCircle StormFront The Film-filter
What's new in this version:
The Complete-collection V4.1 now includes all plugins of the Time-collection V4.1.
Two additional plugins are now included: "TimeControl V4.0" and "Speed V4.0"



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