ChordMate 2.4

A digital chord book that exports your creations as images, PDFs, or text.
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Generate guitar chord progressions and add lyrics to make song sheets. Create chord voicing using filters to point the top and bass note, location on the fretboard, get recommended chords for the next and previous chord in a chord progression and chord substitution, add customized chord voicings, and save the chord progression as images, PDFs, or text.

"A very practical and useful tool in terms of the features it offers. Their combination together [in one app] is unprecedented!" — Gitarre & Bass magazine
"ChordMate is an invaluable tool for guitar players, particularly students and teachers." —
"ChordMate is the ultimate app for any guitarist who would like to dwell deeper into chord theory." —
"With great depth and a stack of chords, you will be more than satisfied" — iCreate Magazine
ChordMate is a digital chord book. In addition to the guitar chords frequently found in books, it gives you less common voicings that will make your chord progressions sound more interesting and fresh. It also lets you create your own diagrams and automatically suggests names for your custom chords.
ChordMate lets you build a chord progression by dragging the chords from your search results (or your custom chords) into the chord progression area. This is a great way to experiment with different chord voicings and find chords that sound best together. It can be invaluable if you want to use chord voicings that are not easy to play.
Key Features:
- Play the chords on your Mac. ChordMate can produce the sound of acoustic and electric guitars and gives a realistic preview of how the chord would sound on your guitar.
- Copy any chord diagram into another program. ChordMate lets you export (drag and drop or copy and paste) a diagram as either a png or pdf so that it will look great on screen and paper.
- Create your own diagrams. You can click on an empty diagram with a mouse or enter the frets as text. ChordMate automatically suggests possible names for your chord. You can drag the diagram into the chord progression area or export it to other programs. You can also modify an existing diagram by dragging it into the empty diagram.
- Order and filter chords to get to the right voicing quickly. ChordMate supports a number of useful filters such as open chords, first inversion, etc, and you can create your own. For example, you can set a specific top note or bass note. ChordMate can also order chords by musical quality, ease of play, and fret.
- Find chords with specific notes or scale degrees. This is useful to lookup a chord symbol or to find the right chord type when you know only some of the notes that should be in the chord.
- Choose from the list of chords as you type your search. ChordMate shows the list of matching chords, their notes, and formulas.
- Set capo and alternate tunings. ChordMate works equally well with any tuning, so you can explore new tunings with confidence that you won't overlook an interesting chord.

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