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Chinese Checkers is a very fun and challenging board game for the Mac.
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Simone Tellini

Chinese Checkers is a very fun and challenging board game for the Mac. It can be played by 2, 4 or 6 players at the same time. The game is very simple, but as the developer notes on the website, it is very hard to master. Each player starts with 10 pegs located on one end of the star-shaped board. The objective is to move all those pegs to the opposite side of the board. Each peg can move to one free adjacent position, or jump over your own pegs or those of another player. Ideally, to move faster, you would lay your pegs in a way that allows you to jump over them to the other side. The opponent can block your jumps by putting their pegs on your path, though.

In my first game, I was easily dominated by the computer opponent. But I managed to force a tie. Since the objective of the game is to put your pegs on the opponent's starting area, I left two of mine where I started, so the computer wasn't able to move them there. But I was left without any moves to make, and the same happened to the computer.

Since this is not a really well-known game, help is very important, and the Help section of the game comes with detailed instructions on how to play it.

All in all, Chinese Checkers is a very challenging board game. It combines elements from chess and checkers, and it can be very entertaining, provided that you like games that prove to be hard.

José Fernández
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