Carry on Farming

Carry on Farming 1.6

Carry on Farming is a revival of the popular Sokoban puzzle game in 3D.

Carry on Farming is a revival of the popular Sokoban puzzle game in 3D. It introduces a new gaming hero called Keiki - a dinosaur, which has to push boxes and other things onto the designated squares without getting stuck. You can guide Keiki through more than 50 unique levels.You can see some fences building an enclosure and a tree in the middle of this area. You can also see me with four cows and you can also see four light blue squares on the floor. If you want to help me, you must show me, how to move these cows to the colored squares. Keiki can run in three directions: forward, left or right. To move a cow, bale of straw or something else to the designated locations, Keiki has to push these item.Keiki can only move across fields that are not occupied by other items.Items can be pushed as long as the square behind the box is empty and not occupied by a fence, tree or another item.Keiki can't pull an item, so there are some pushes that are irreversible. An item is stuck when pushed into a corner or against a fence that it can't be pushed out of or away from. In real life people can't walk through items or fences. The same is true for Keiki in the game, so Dino can also be stuck or trapped in an area surrounded by fences and items, where the items can't be pushed out of the way. Hence, watch your steps.

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