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Generate and customize business card designs.
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Work with business card designing projects and create custom variations for printing. Upload the existing project files or start a new one from scratch, manage images and effects, add custom writings and captions, change the fonts, backgrounds, and formats.

Card Manager is the best software to manage business cards with Mac.
*** There is NO OCR function.
Simple & effective functions to search and edit information on business cards.
Various utilities to communicate with other software.
- Simple & neat design
We have a particular interest to make a stylish yet functional design - A must for Mac users
- Easy & immediate control
Card Manager can be operated easily and intuitively. We have omitted complicated function buttons so you 'just know' which buttons to press in any situation.
- Sophisticated searching
Card Manager is able to search your business cards with only a few words; Even if you only remember a part of person's name/tel/address, Card Manager can still find the business card for you.
- Synchronizing iCardManager address book
Card Manager can be synchronized with iphone application 'iCardManager' and iPad application 'iCardManager HD'.
This enables you to carry your Mac data with you effortlessly. Sending information to address book is also possible.

- Importing & exporting
You can import CSV formatted files. Image files can also be imported by putting the name of files.
- CardManager doesn't support any scanner.

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