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Do you accidentally press the Caps Lock key all the time?
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Capster is an application that alerts the user whenever the Caps Lock button is pressed. Notifications are provided via the Growl utility and are placed on the top right side of your monitor. Capster is a lightweight tool, taking less than 1 MB of disk space and runs unobtrusively in the menu bar. What's more, it is distributed as an open-source application, making it completely free.

The utility comes in handy whenever using a chat client, whether IRC or Messenger. You can prevent sending long sentences written in capital letters, which is regarded as shouting.

Optionally, users may remove the program's presence in the menu bar. This way, Capster will run silently in the background.

Note that the application will notify you when the Caps Lock button is enabled as well as disabled.

Capster should appeal to all users who have issues with the troublesome button. The utility does lack the ability to place notifications in different screen locations. All in all, it runs fast as notifications are very quick to appear on the screen and is free to use.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • Free


  • No custom alert positions
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