Brushes Viewer

Brushes Viewer 1.3

Adds advanced brush painting options to Apple devices.
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Create imagery, add layers to it, apply advanced brushing tools, zoom in, replay your Brushes paintings stroke for stroke by accessing the image file and export the data to high-resolution pictures. The program supports sizes up to 1920 x 2880 and is compatible with QuickTime files.

Brushes is a painting application designed from scratch for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Featuring an advanced color picker, several realistic brushes, multiple layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device.

Brushes allows you to choose any color (including transparency) using the hue/saturation color wheel. With a generous level of undo and redo you never need to worry about making a mistake or backing up too far.

Layers can be rearranged, deleted, merged, and copied between paintings. You can also adjust the opacity of each layer.

Brushes records all of your actions when painting. These actions are stored in a .brushes file which you can download directly via Brushes’ built-in web server.

You can open your .brushes paintings in Brushes Viewer, a free application for Mac OS X. Brushes Viewer allows you to replay your paintings stroke for stroke, export them at very high resolutions (up to 1920 x 2880), and even export them as QuickTime movies.

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